Tuesday, January 6, 2009


21 posts in 2008? What a joke... I'm taking another approach to blogging. I'll still blog long things for those of you who like to see that I posted and then read it when you're off of work and won't get in trouble for spending an hour on a site. Don't worry. But I'm going to try to post short things too. Keyword is try... this does not come easily to me.

So we started something new yesterday. A way of eating that includes everything organic. Becky found out about the plan from her Dad & Step-Mom so we decided to do it too. So we go to the store and spend a couple of hours finding organic vegetables, fruit (did you know avocado was a fruit?) and anything else in the store that had an organic label on it. Pretty soon it didn't matter what it was, we just threw it in the cart and Becky decided that she would find some way to insert it into a meal.

At first it seemed fun. Eat healthy, feel better, live longer. As I came upon hour number 2, I started getting really sad. When Becky picked up rice milk is when it started. I had switched to soy about 6 months ago which I thought was a HUGE sacrifice. Apparently I had more room to grow... when Becky saw that I really didn't want it, she frantically started searching for something positive. Thinking she found it, she said, "Hey! Look at this. What does that say??" I looked and said, "October 2009". She said, "See it will last forever..." in which I said, "Oh joy! You mean I can drink this til October!?!"

Becky was great about it. She even joined me in humming the Undertaker's theme song (think of a funeral march... bum bum bum bum, bum, bum bum bum bum bum bum (I'm singing it in my head and just realized that typing the same word 10 times probably doesn't convey the song to you. Good luck with that.)) as we went to the checkout counter.

Good news: With having nothing at home to eat, we only spent $220. I was amazed it was under $300 and so was Becky. She was so worried about it, she said later that she was praying it would be under $300. Bless her heart.


Chef Mama said...

Now add gluten free & you'll be all set! LOL! Can't you get organic soy milk? In the boxes with the rice milk? Did you get Pacific Rice milk? If you are not doing soy or cow milk, there's also Almond Milk, which is tolerable in the flavors.

Congrats for spending less than planned! Woo-hoo!

Becky Kiser said...

thanks for going organic with me honey! you are so supportive!! :) love you!