Friday, June 20, 2008


Do you ever wish you could just get over yourself? That's currently the state I'm in. I wish I could just stop and spend a block of time with the Lord. I wish I could honestly say that I love my job. I wish I could read a whole book in one sitting. I wish I had a yard where the grass was the same throughout the entire yard. I wish Becky and I had focused time together at least 3 times a week.

It drives me nuts...

You want to know what I wished for in college? I wished that I could be taken out of the holding pattern I was in and start living my life as a Christian in corporate America. I wanted to be an influence by my lifestyle. I wished that God would introduce me to a woman I was enthralled with and challenged by constantly. Some of the time I wished I was in Texas because things were "easier" there. And I wished I wouldn't have homework consuming my life and this constant weight on my shoulders to always be productive.

Done... every prayer was answered.

So it looks like I'm heading towards becoming an unemployed house husband. That's not it, it's just fascinating to me how God answers OUR prayers and accomplishes HIS will in the process. Absolutely fascinating. It'll be fun to see how He decides to move.

I am looking into counseling though. I have all these thoughts and all these issues and all these solutions... I just don't know how to sort it all out. It's honestly something that I really can't wait for. I'm extremely excited.